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Fashion Revamp

Gabriella Ianiro Staff Writer

Tia-Mona Greene
Tia-Mona Greene

Spring is here and with the weather changing, it’s difficult to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. Unfortunately many of us don’t have a budget to redo our closet every three months to keep up with the forever changing trends. However, many of your winter wardrobe accessories can be worn into the spring season.

Jeans are an item that is found in the majority of college students’ closets. As the warmer weather approaches, but you’re not yet ready for shorts, what do you do? Take your jeans and roll up the bottoms. This is an easy transformation from pants to capris. There is no need to go out and buy brand new capris when you already have them in your closet! Colored denim is very trendy, so for those of you that purchased colored jeans, cuff them up and you’re right on target with spring trends.

After a season of wearing some of your jeans, do you ever feel like you’re over them? Like you just won’t wear them anymore (even if you were to roll the bottoms)? There is no reason to throw out a perfectly good pair of jeans. Sometimes you just need a big- ger change. You can say hello to a brand new pair of shorts. There are tons of do it yourself online tutorials explaining how to transform a pair of jeans into trendy shorts. Type into the YouTube search bar ‘how to cut jeans into shorts.’

Junior Broadcasting major, Maria Simone Otterlei, explained that she chooses to wear lighter colors such as white and cream. “I get rid of the all my heavy sweaters and jackets and put them in the back of my closet,” said Otterlei. Instead, she opts for jeans with a loose fitted blouse.

To instantly brighten up any spring look, a fresh coat of bright nail polish will do the trick. Spring is all about bright vibrant colors and patterns and that’s exactly what this season’s nail trend is all about. Nail polish can be purchased at any drug store in a multitude of shades and prices. Sally Han- sen’s nail line offers “Salon Effects” nail polish strips. They are strips of dried nail polish that are available in 32 different designs. There is no dry time and your nails look like artwork. Girl Flower #39 and Out of line #375 are perfect nail trends for spring.

Every woman has her favorite accessories, whether it be a statement necklace, bracelets, or earrings. Why not rock it into spring? All you need to do is shed some of those winter layers and pair your favorite pieces with your updated looks. You can still wear your scarves too. Get rid of the bulk sweater; throw on a tee and scarf and you’re ready for spring weather.

Remember, put away the heavy layers, keep the jeans and brighten up your look for spring with your favorite accessories and bright nail polish.

Now, for the men, the same rules apply. Ditch the heavy layers but keep the jeans. Men can transition into spring by lighting up their wardrobe colors as well. They can opt for whites, blues and even natural colors.

Jeans can be paired with any T-shirt and belt. Men you too can keep your scarfs, they look super trendy with a T-shirt as well. Instead of wearing your winter hats, now is the perfect time to bring out those baseball caps.

Junior Psychology major, Jason Kanyike, says that transitioning from winter to spring is simple for him. “I just stick with jeans and throw on a t-shirt,” said Kanyike. “Depending on the day I’ll either bring a hat, light jacket or a scarf with me,” added Kanyike.

Male or female there are many options to bring your winter wardrobe into your spring wardrobe.

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