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Favorite Vacations

By Danielle Marano
Staff Writer

College can be difficult; tests, papers, long days and all-nighters add up and can put immense stress on students. Sometimes, all we need is a little break. Perhaps, we need a vacation.

There are many destinations that attract students looking to go on a trip. During an informal survey of 20 students, all said they would rather visit a tropical destination for a vacation rather than a cold one. Some students spoke about their desire to lie on a beach with a coconut drink in their hand.

One popular vacation spot for this kind of relaxation during any season is Florida. Almost any part of the sunny state is popular for a short or long getaway; however, many college students enjoy South Florida specifically.

“I went to West Palm Beach during my sophomore year, and it was the perfect way to relieve stress from school,” said Cody Petit, a senior musical theater major. “Going away with friends from school, but not having to deal with school work was awesome. We stayed at a friend’s condo which was conveniently right on the beach.” Florida has numerous attractions, ranging from Disney World in Orlando, to the nightlife in Miami.

Olivia Platania, a senior dance major, is attracted to destinations that have a lot of sunshine. “I visited both California and Vegas this past year,” Platania said. “They were for completely different reasons but both were great experiences.” Platania visited Las Vegas for a family vacation and California for a dance program, outside of school, in Los Angeles. “The West Coast is completely different than the East Coast,” she said. “There were mountains everywhere I looked, it was such a relaxing environment.”

Although the cold weather does not appeal to certain people, for those who enjoy bundling up, there are certain destinations to vacation that involve the cold. A few years back, my family visited a resort in Harmony, P.A., the complete opposite of a sun kissed resort, but loads of fun nonetheless. It was called Split Rock Resort.

Split Rock is popular when there’s snow on the ground, due to the winter activities the resort advertises, such as tubing and skiing. The resort also has a bowling alley and movie theater attached to it, with an indoor pool and shuffleboard courts as well. It’s an awesome place to go with adults and kids of all ages.

Winter break is approaching quickly, Dec. 23-Jan. 19, so start planning your vacations now!

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