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Fire in Post Hall

By Danielle Marano
Staff Writer

On Saturday, Sept. 6, Post Hall residents had to evacuate the building due to the fire alarm sounding at approximately 3 a.m. The alarm forced every resident out of bed and onto the lawn in front of the building. RAs and students awaited information on whether the incident was serious, or just an oddly timed drill. The alarm was set off by a small fire in the microwave room in the basement of the building. Public Safety handled the situation quickly, and residents were allowed back into Post Hall after about 20 minutes. The fire department was not dispatched. According to Katie Muniz, a junior Dance major and RA in Nassau Hall, no one addressed the residents as a group to tell them what had actually happened. Word spread quickly that it was just popcorn. Christian Altamira, the Campus Life Coordinator of Post Hall, said, “We made sure everything was safe in the building before allowing students back inside.”

Photo courtesy of Janisha Sanford
Photo courtesy of Janisha Sanford

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