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Food for Thought

By Jada Butler
Assistant News Editor

Do you love food? Then you’ll love that there is a whole day dedicated just to celebrating food. Oct. 24 was National Food day, a day set to inform people of the food they consume and the effects it has on their health.

Post’s nutrition club and future sustainability club partnered with the Dietetic Internship directed by Cynthia Pierce and set up a booth in Hillwood during common hour to celebrate with free healthy snacks and fruit smoothies. Trivia questions and medical information on healthy eating in the U.S. were exchanged for a taste
of snacks and drinks that could improve health.

Wild rice chips, organic cheddar popcorn, and a variety of fruit smoothies were offered. Andrea Senenman, one of the four dietetic interns, shared that the smoothies were made with a mixture of fruits and also included almond milk and sometimes peanut butter, which provide sources of protein.

“We are promoting the consumption of whole, healthy foods,” said Jessica Jaeger, a dietetic intern. Other topics among health included sustainability, hunger in the U.S., plant based diets, and the comparisons between vegetarian health and the health of excessive meat eaters.

Chelsea Gold, president of the nutrition club, along with Pierce and her interns, provided students with information of how we eat today, in hopes to potentially change how we eat in the future.

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