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Forever Young

Cristina Foglietta

Maybe you have been waiting months or even years for this day, but whenever it does happens, it’s epic – yes, I’m talking about your 21st birthday. At 21, you can drink, gamble and get into any bar or club. No more restrictions on your life! Time to celebrate! Many cannot wait, and they count down the days and even plan to go bar hopping ahead of time on their special day. Others are more laid back about the day and prefer to have dinner with friends. Either way, this day is one to remember.

Some eager college students, like Malcolm McDaniel, a Junior Speech Pathology major, plan their 21st birthday bashes months in advance. He’ll be turning 21 in April and he has the whole weekend planned out two months in advance.

McDaniel said that since his birthday is on a Friday, he is going to, “sleep all day and then go to Manhattan to the club Latin Quarters all night, because I finally can!”

Later that weekend is reserved for a special person and a plan that’s years in the making.

“I’m going to the casinos in Atlantic City with my grandma to blow some money!” he said.

Rachel Kurtz, a Senior Forensic Science major, has fond memories of her 21st birthday. She went to a restaurant/bar called Strawberries in Huntington village. Kurtz said by her third drink she was drunk and broke the hand dryer in the bathroom after she banged her head into it.

“At the table, I combed my hair with a fork like Ariel then started to sing “Part of Your World” into the fork for 15 minutes,” said Kurtz. The night ended with a food fight with red velvet cake, which stained everything, including her dress.

Bridgett Soares, a Junior Criminal Justice major, had a fun-filled night for her 21st as well. Soares said, “I went to the Beer Expo in Nassau Coliseum, after 30 minutes I was drunk, and the night ended in Rockefeller Center.”

Some Post students did not celebrate the day at all. “My aunt unexpectedly died on my 21st birthday. I didn’t get to celebrate because I had the wake and funeral to go to,” said Kassandra Thomas, a Senior Fine Arts major.

Everyone celebrates this day differently, whether it’s a night of drinking or a sober night with friends. An epic night of partying at a bar is not for everyone – Maria Bivona, a Senior Public Relations major, went out to dinner at a café with her friends. And Antonio Martinez, a Junior Forensic Science major, embraced childhood as he reached a major milestone.

“I saw Toy Story 3 on my 21st birthday – great movie,” he said.

So whether you are planning an epic all nighter at a bar or a more mellow dinner with friends, your 21st birthday is one you will never forget.

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