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Fun and Games at LIU-Post

Cristina Foglietta

Bungee jumping, obstacle courses and mechanical bulls…oh, my! These are some fun activities that are found at LIU Post for thrill seekers. The adventurous activities have appeared at numerous campus events, including the Back to School BBQ, Pratt After Dark, and the Spring Fling Carnival.

These amusing activities are catching to the eye and may look easy. However, looks can be deceiving. Some are harder than one might think. During my time at Post, I have tried all three. I participated in two of these fun-filled activities two weeks ago at Pratt After Dark. The mechanical bull did not make an appearance.

I have bungee jumped only once before, in my freshman year, and I felt like it was telling me to go on again. I strapped on the Velcro support straps to my thighs. I jumped up and down, bouncing in the air. For a few minutes, it was very exciting. I enjoyed the rush of being above ground and the feeling of the wind in my hair. I did a spilt in the air and a tuck jump, going back to my gymnastic days. I started to get tired soon after. Plus, the Velcro straps were digging into my legs and starting to hurt.

However, I remember seeing others before me do flips quite effortlessly. I wanted to at least try. So, I continued to jump, but I did not get high at all. I screamed to the guy in charge, “How do you flip upside down?” He said you have to build up enough speed and get high enough to flip. I think one has to be in good physical shape to do this. I tried a few times but became short of breath and never accomplished this task. My thighs were sore for a few days, so I don’t think I will be doing this again at the Spring Fling Carnival.

After some Powerade and Italian ice, I was ready for the obstacle course. I have done this a few times before, and I think it is fun to compete with different people. Two people race each other in this course; whoever is the fastest wins. It starts with a climb upwards, which is similar to a rock wall; this was my least favorite part. The steps you must climb are small and slippery, but there are ropes on the sides that got me to the top. Next, is the slide, which I went down on my stomach to save time. I landed on the inflatable air, which is what the course is made out of, so I was safe.

The next part of the course requires you to crawl past inflatable poles. Don’t go too close to them, or they will hit you. It’s been quite some time since I crawled on my knees, but I thought this part was pretty easy. Another tall rock wall came next. Only because of the ropes on the side was I able to get up it so quickly. Otherwise, I would have taken a long time. Note to self: never try rock climbing. The course ended with one last slide. I slid down my stomach once again, much slower this time, since the land here was a hard wood floor. I stopped at the end of the slide, avoiding the fall.

Be careful. I saw many students land hard on the fall, most of them head first. My opponent and I were very close. He beat me by a few seconds but crashed into the floor face first.  He had cuts and bruises on his arms and was sore. I came out unharmed. I chose my safety over competition. I think I made the right choice. This is meant only to be fun and games.

So, next time you are at a LIU Post event and are feeling daring, try some of these thrilling activities.

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