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Game of Thrones Comes to an End

By Karis Fuller

Arts & Entertainment Editor

For “Game of Thrones” fans, it has been 569 days since the show’s last episode “The Dragon and The Wolf” aired on Aug. 27 2017 on HBO. The long-awaited finale left fans to create theories and ideas as to who they think will sit on the iron throne, and now what writer George R.R Martin has planned is finally in our sights.

Season eight will have six episodes averaging around one and a half hours long each. As for the storyline, in true “Game of Thrones” style, we know way more than the characters, and are just waiting for them to catch up. All of the action continues in this season with what looks like the night’s watch coming to the end as the wall that guarded the North for thousands of years is slowly crumbling. The wall won’t last long when going head to head against a giant ice breathing white walker dragon.

Season eight marks the last installment of the epic fantasy drama, and with the date quickly approaching, students anticipate what’s going to happen to the characters, the story line and who they think will occupy the iron throne.

Senior theatre production major Katherine Keaney is skeptical when it comes to the show ending happily ever after. “There will be no iron throne, no one gets to sit on it. I don’t think the chair itself will be destroyed, but
I believe the battles between Kings Landing and Westeros, and Westeros and the dead will cause enough death and destruction,” Keaney said. “A monarchy can’t be in place anymore. There is nothing to rule. The highborns are dead and the lowborn are dead.”

Alumna Elin Kvarnemar (‘18) shares Keaney’s skepticism. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the white walkers just kill everyone and take over the world,” she said.

As for Kvarnemar’s predictions of who will claim the iron throne, she’s uncertain “I don’t know what will actually happen but I hope that Jon [Snow] will win,” she said.

When the show’s pilot episode “Winter Is Coming” aired in April 2011, the show was chapters behind Martin’s books. Now, after the phenomenal success, the HBO series surpassed the plot of the books. Even the most savvy readers will struggle to predict what the writers will install. The season premiere airs April 14 at 9 p.m. on HBO, so buckle up because winter is coming… and fast.

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