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Game Review: Legend of Grimlock

Freddie Schwartz
Staff Writer

Legend of Grimrock, an indie RPG (role-playing game) and a Dungeon crawler created by Almost Human Games, came out early last year. It’s a take on the classic dungeon adventure game where you have to navigate with a party of players and try to survive traps and monsters.

You start by picking four characters and creating their class (warrior, mage, rouge) and skills. The game is all about survival. If one of the characters dies, it’s dead for the rest of the game, unless you reload your game before he is killed. Players have to solve puzzles to escape, find weapons, and light torches to navigate and find food or your party will starve. The maze of stone walls and the creepy dark atmosphere is immersive and detailed with amazing graphics. You can find secret items and sometimes things that can really help you, including more food or armor, by looking for clues indicating where they could be.

The game was a lot of fun and you can replay it a lot with different party member configurations. Players can create maps and you create your own adventure and play others online. The only drawback is how the combat works. You have to click on the weapon in your party’s hand on the side of the screen over and over again, which is annoying. To use spells of one of your mages, you have to use the correct combination of runes on that party-member’s attack window, which is sometimes slow especially when you’re trying to kill a monster.

Overall it’s a great game and was one of the best games introduced last year. I give this personal favorite a 9/10. You can buy it at around $15 on Steam and on other PC game markets.

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