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Game Review: Walking Dead

Freddie Schwartz
Staff Writer

TellTale Games recently released the last episode of “The Walking Dead” video game series completing the entire story. It’s an interactive point and click game with quick time events, some puzzles, and a lot of decision making in choice of dialogue and how to proceed in surviving. This is not really an action-based game as one might expect a zombie game to be. This is completely story-driven. However, every decision you make affects the outcome of every character in the story. The plot revolves around Lee, who was taken to prison near Atlanta, Georgia after being convicted of killing a state senator who was having an affair with Lee’s wife. When the sheriff, who drove the car, hits one of the zombies, Lee finds himself stuck in an apocalyptic nightmare of zombies and survival.

What I really enjoyed the most about this game is the character development and the graphic style that was chosen. You feel close to the characters and emotionally invested, especially when a character dies. The graphics make everything look like it was drawn in a comic book and given 3D affect to make it come alive; very appropriate for a series that started as a comic book. There is also a lot of suspense and always a feeling of uneasiness when playing. You never know what will go wrong and who to trust. There are some good scares that give the game a much more eerie feeling. I do recommend this game for those of you who love zombie games, but also want something more drama based.

However, I feel there are some issues that need to be addressed. First, if you hate story-driven games, you will hate this game. It’s very slow at some points and a lot of it is looking around and solving problems. Also, this is the kind of game you play through once and then that’s it pretty much. There’s nothing else that it offers. You can replay and try different decisions but the story will be in the same parameters. The story can only divert so far from the linear plot despite this being a “decision” based experience. Still, this game is different and very interesting with a great style.

Steam is currently selling “The Walking Dead” for $24.99. The retail price at local game stores has not yet been announced. I recommend waiting for holiday sales on Steam as I have no doubt that they will have a discount for this title. My rating for this game an 8/10.

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