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“Get Lost in Saltburn” To Uncover Untold Mysteries in New Riveting Film

By Alexa Garrett, Assistant News Editor

Courtesy of Amazon Prime

Take a trip to Saltburn, a gorgeous castle-like estate where you can lounge and engage in a grand lifestyle. Everything is seemingly perfect at the Catton’s beautiful home – until it is not. 

“Lots of people get lost in Saltburn,” Duncan, the head butler said with no expression. Combining unsuspected and ominous plot twists, critics rave about the recent movie, “Saltburn,” released on Nov. 17, 2023. 

The film begins at the world-renowned Oxford University, where Oliver Quick (played by Barry Keoghan), struggles to fit in due to his intellectual capabilities. He is a top scholar at Oxford and gets frequent attention and judgment because of it. Wandering around campus, Oliver spots a suave, seemingly admired man. 

Methods to befriend the handsome Felix Catton (played by Jacob Elordi) are innocent and genuine. From the beginning, it is blatantly obvious that Oliver is extremely captivated by his new friendship–it is almost as if the director hints subtly at a love interest between the two main characters. They begin to go everywhere together: parties, bars and events. 

Felix becomes emotionally invested in Ollie, and feels a sense of pity for the boy because of his financial situation. When summer is approaching, Felix proposes that Ollie should reside with Felix at his summer home, Saltburn. 

Numerous actors play a notable role in the creation of this film. Venetia Catton (played by Alison Oliver) accurately portrays a young woman suffering from depression. With mental health being one of the most prevalent topics today, many women relate to Venetia. Elspeth Catton (played by Rosamund Pike) has been manipulated by the wealthy to act fake towards anyone around her. She is the mother figure at the Saltburn estate. Elspeth wants to help Ollie, but she mainly does so to receive attention from others. Elspeth is known to help the “less fortunate” by allowing them to stay at her home.

Each character has strikingly different aspects of their personalities that tie the film together well. For instance, Oliver proves to be one of the more cunning characters. He is not only talented academically, but he also proves to be deceptive in manner. The Cattons hold all of their power in their wealth, while Oliver has the power of knowledge. 

One of the most captivating characters, Farleigh (played by Archie Madekwe), adds a substantial dimension to the film. Farleigh is a distant relative of the Cattons and is attached to the family by a thin string. Because of this, he tries to mimic their attitude so that he will work his way into the family.  

Viewers won’t want to miss the odd twists and turns that “Saltburn” has in store. While watching this movie in theaters, viewers find themselves occasionally confused, while also captivated. As you follow Ollie into unknown territory, you begin to become attached to both main characters. 

Themes of trust and deceit, love and vanity are the main points of interest. As these supplement the plot, the film also tends to your visionary side. Watching the characters bask in the sun poolside creates an awareness of the easy-going lifestyle that the characters have. It feels as if you are in summer because of the greenery and warm tones. 

Another vivid example of how color is used in the film is the dynamic and bold array of color used at Oliver’s birthday party. There are numerous flashing lights of purple and blue. Extravagant party decorum circulates the mansion. All of these scene additions create depth to this scene. 

If you enjoy psychological thrillers, dramas and maybe a little comedy, “Saltburn” is the movie for you. Sit back and relax as you prepare to watch the two-hour-long unraveling of mysterious events. I would rate this film a definite 7/10. 

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