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Ghost Photo Shoot

By Whitney Moran, Staff Writer

TikTok trends are slowly taking over all forms of social media. What started as a simple photoshoot with white sheets, has become a viral sensation that has gained popularity on Instagram and Tiktok, and even has made its way onto the Post campus.  The “Ghost Photoshoot” TikTok trend consists of a group of people using a white sheet to turn themselves into “ghosts.” They then take photos and videos for TikTok using the song “Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber in the background of their videos. 

“I loved the way the ones I was seeing on TikTok were a little spooky but also a little funny, and the idea was so simple but always so well executed,” Kelly Connelly, a sophomore graphic design major who found the trend on TikTok, said.

Junior special education major Payton Napoli saw it first on TikTok as well. “I wanted to partake in this because it seemed like a fun thing to do with my friends,” Napoli said.

Connelly and her friends took a different creative direction than some of the other shoots. 

“We had sunglasses, a baseball cap, and we randomly found a black and white rose that we used in a few pics which I think added a cool element of almost dead romance,” Connelly said.

Others got creative too. “We used scooters, skateboards, and fun glasses in our shoot,” Napoli said.

Others focused on the aspects of the models that would be seen. “We made sure to have a fire shoe game because our feet would be the only thing visible in the photos.” Marzano said. “I am usually one who loves the art of photography and finding different ways to take photos. For the most part, I do not like getting my photo taken where my face is visible, so this trend allowed me to take something I relatively dislike and turn it into something I can enjoy modeling for.”

While Connely went to Kings Park Psychiatric Center, both Napoli and Marzano took their photos on campus. “Specifically the seven arches. Gave a cool eerie vibe,” said Napoli. 

“I think this idea went viral because of the simplicity of it, and also the way anyone’s identity can be hidden simply under a white sheet, and, you could interpret the idea in so many ways and completely customize it to make it your own,” Connelly said. 

Marzano thought the trend became popular simply because it was on TikTok. “I think this trend went viral for the most part because it was conducted on one of the top trending social media platforms. The fad everyone craves is to go “viral” on TikTok so taking trending artistic photos encourages individuals to reach their sought-after goals.”

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