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Graduate Column: How Graduate Students Will Spend Winter Break

Sandra Elieen

Now that the semester nears completion, graduate students, like others, have a variety of things to catch up on or engage in.  After a grueling semester of writing papers, studying for exams, interning or working, many graduate students are in need of a break.

Tiantian Zhang, an international graduate student from China, will be graduating in December with a Master’s degree in Biology. Tiantian stated that she is ‘happy the semester is over” but is “feeling a little under pressure about graduating.” She went on to add that she “will be looking for a job as well as applying for a Ph.D in Biology.”

Whether your plans are to earn extra money to offset your education expenses or to continue your studies in your chosen program, there are lots to accomplish during the winter session. Just remember that the knowledge you’re acquiring is an advantage. Horace Mann once said, “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.”

As a matter of fact, nine graduate classes are available during the winter session, should you wish to further your plan of study more quickly. Although the classes that are offered during that time are often limited to specific disciplines, this semester a total of 27 students have already enrolled in classes, ranging from teaching methodologies from the School of Library and Information Science, to applied behavior analysis from the School of Liberal Arts and two courses taught by Dr. Kushner from the Criminal Justice Department on terrorism and critical issues in law and society.

Nonetheless, some graduate students have different plans besides taking courses over the winter break. For example, Jamline Alcineous, a Health Care Administration major who is enrolled in the Advance Certificate in Gerontology Administration, said that she “plans to travel to Paris and visit Africa – especially countries like Mozambique, Senegal, Rwanda, New Guinea and Sierra Leone.” Other students, like James Benoit, a Management Engineering major, have different plans. These plans are simple, effortless and require little effort energy. After going through the first half of the academic year, Benoit stated that he does not have much planned, except for possibly looking for a job, but he has nothing extensive planned beyond that. What are your plans this winter break?

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