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Great Lawn Festival moved into End Zone

By Mari Eik and Maximilian Riesterer
Staff Writers

The Great Lawn Festival took place Thursday, Oct. 16, during common hour as a part of Spirit Week. However, due to bad weather, Campus Life Coordinator Matthew Blanar had no choice but to move the festival into The End Zone of Hillwood Commons.

Clearly, moving the event inside put restrictions on the games that were planned to be outdoors. Although it did not turn out as planned, people seemed to enjoy it. “This was a great start to get involved in Spirit Week,” said Evette Argyropoulos, a freshman undeclared major. Her friend Stephanie Menexas, a freshman Business Management major, agreed. “As a cheerleader, I like to see people getting involved [and] showing school spirit.” The girls liked the green and gold balloon decorations, and the music from the featured band, Trish Torrales & The Premier; however, the girls indicated that they would have liked to seen posters around campus informing students about the event.

Trish Torrales and The Premier
Trish Torrales and The Premier

Although a minority of students knew that there was a festival during common hour that day, Wolf German, a senior Sociology major, clearly knew about the concert that was going on. He and his friend were enjoying their lunch while listening to the band. “She [Trish Torrales] is a great singer. The band is excellent,” German said.

Trish Torrales & The Premier consists of members; Trish Torrales, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Dylan Cotes, bass; Jimmy Loffler and Brian Watala, lead guitarists; and Rafe Tangorra, drums.

Other students that were unaware of the event still had a good time during the festival.

Dominick Mazliah, a freshman Biology major, and his friends from the Pioneer football team had not been given much information about the Great Lawn Festival, but otherwise enjoyed the event.

We are having a great time and especially enjoying the nice food; however, a suggestion for next year would be to make it a bit more visible to attract more students,” Mazliah said.

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