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Grey’s Anatomy

Alex Parker

I have watched Grey’s Anatomy for nine seasons now and this is the first time I can honestly say that I absolutely hated the season premiere. It was so morose and depressing that at one point it was actually hard to watch. Last seasons finale was tragic enough with Lexie Grey dying in the plane crash. Now they killed off Mark Sloan, who was one of the funnier characters on the show; not only did they kill him, they made you watch as the life support machines were turned off and his heart very slowly stopped beating. The entire episode you can’t help but want to cry for Callie, as they lead you to believe that her wife, Arizona, died as well. It’s not until the last few minutes of the episode that they reveal that she’s alive but had to have her leg amputated and won’t leave their apartment.

Derek is a hot mess and can’t operate. He tries but ends up dropping his surgical instrument on the floor and walking out of the OR. Cristina ended up in some nonsense hospital in the mid west with doc¬tors she can’t stand. She also couldn’t bring herself to fly since the crash. Meredith’s interns now know her as “Medusa” and Bailey’s new nickname is BCB standing for booty call bailey.
Although I hated every second of this episode, I’m anticipating this coming week because they are going to show what happened to the group while they were stranded in the woods after the plane crash.

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