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Hangover Relief

Genna Apfel 

You may have spent your night dancing at a club, or, maybe, you went on a bar crawl the other weekend for St. Patty’s Day. Long story short, you may have had a “little” too much to drink. Congratulations. You have just survived your first hangover.

So, what do you do now? Here are some tips on how to cure a hangover. According to an article titled, “How To Cure A Hangover,” by private bartender, event planner and writer Collen Graham, there are many hangover remedies individuals could utilize to minimize the effects of a hangover. “Many of them will help you cope by replenishing the vitamins and liquid you lost over night, while some, like avoiding caffeine, are very important to a quicker recovery.”

First thing’s first: Sleep and rest all day if you need to. Most people can agree that having a hangover is not fun, and you don’t really have much energy to do anything but be a couch potato all day. Second, you need to hydrate your body with fluids. Water, fruit juice, and Gatorade or Powerade are good remedies to replenish your body, relieve dehydration, and replace needed electrolytes. Painkillers, such as Advil or Motrin, can reduce your hangover headache and muscles pains. According to Buddy T, a recovering alcoholic and the Alcoholism Guide since February 1997, explained his tips for curing a hangover in his article, “The Cures and Remedies for Hangovers: What Does and Does Not Work.” He explains that Tylenol should not be taken if you are experiencing a hangover because alcohol metabolism enhances acetaminophen’s toxicity.” Also, eggs, bananas, soup, and fruit juices help your hangover. For example, bananas and fruit juices help replace potassium and nutrients. They also help to remove toxins from your body.

If you do have a hangover, try to stay away from coffee because it will dehydrate your body even more. It may help your symptoms at first, but this is only temporary, and the symptoms will come back. Also, “foods that are greasy and fried slow down the absorption of alcohol but can irritate the stomach and intestines,” according to Buddy T.

Evening Nurse Conni at the Student Health and Counseling Center said, “As we all know and choose to ignore, not drinking, and preventing a hangover, is the best choice.  However, because alcohol is a diuretic, if you choose to drink, drink water in between drinks.  This can avoid the horrible headache often associated with a hangover. Replenish fluids with water and Gatorade and avoid caffeine.  Some people take orange juice or Alka-Seltzer with good relief.”

So, the next time you wake up with the spins, try some of these helpful tips to help cure your hangover.

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