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Happy Easter: Paper Bunny Craft

By Angelique D’Alessandro

Executive Editor

Step one

To make this fast and easy Easter dorm decor, cut your construction paper into three strips of three different widths, each one slightly wider than the last. Fold the three strips of paper into cylinders and then tape them so they retain the shape.

Step two

Next, stack the three cylinders on top of each other with the largest at the bottom. Use the scraps of construction paper to cut out two rabbit-ear shaped pieces and then tape them to the top cylinder.

Then, use a different color construction paper to cut out two pieces slightly smaller than the ears you just attached and put them in the middle to be the “inner ear.”

Step three

Finally, draw on a nose using a pink or red marker and then use a black sharpie to make two eyes and a cute bunny mouth. You can also attach two small pieces of construction paper to the bottom cylinder to represent two feet. When the craft is done, you will have a tiny, adorable bunny decoration to put anywhere in your dorm.

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