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You’re of Legal Age: Voice Your Vote

By Kathleen Crowley

Senator Kemp Hannon is urging all college students to exercise their right to vote this year in the mid-term elections –encouraging all to vote for the candidate who best represents their beliefs, whatever party that may be. Here is the critical information you should know:

On November 2nd, college students throughout New York will together have the power to influence the direction our government will take. Since the Obama wave that swept across college campuses from New York to California, college students were united in his message of hope and promises for the future. But were these promises fulfilled the wayas you envisioned?

Mid-term elections typically have a lower voter turn out, often resulting in a surprised win that may includeencompass the less qualified. This in itself is extremely dangerous, for we are lacking to fulfill in fulfilling our duty to exercise the right we were granted, which ultimately gives us the power to make a difference. We are college students who study, learn, research, analyze and debate every day. Being such well equipped and highly qualified individuals, why don’t we further our research and truly look into who is hoping to run our country, and who is best qualified to do so?.

Please take a moment to look at who is on the ballot this year. Discover which candidate not only fulfills your expectations of government, but who truly meets the standards of our forefathers, remaining consistent with the ideals of our nation. See which candidate is capable of taking our country back by creating jobs within our own country so we can feed and support our families, create our own merchandise, and earn the money to educate and better the youth of America.

What is the mid-term election?

Historically, mid-term elections always switch power. Typically the party in power is the party at greatest risk to lose seats.

Right now the New York State Senate has Democratic majority by two seats. We are currently controlled by one party rule due to the Democratic Governor, Democrat controlled Assembly and Democrat controlled Senate. If Republicans pick up the two seats in the New York State Senate, the dynamics of the current governing process in Albany will completely change –causing a huge transition that will affect us all in some way or another, for better or for worse.

With the immense population of our student body here at C.W. Post, we together can essentially determine the outcome of an election. College students are known to be opinionated, independent, and extremely involved with contemporary politics and how it directly affects our lives. We have strong voices that need to be heard, but no matter how loud we scream, nothing will make a difference until we vote.

For those who registered: The elections will be held on November 2nd. For more information and locations, please contact your local Assemblymen or State Senator.

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