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Health Column: Tentative Truth on Technology

By Alecia Sexton

Staff Writer

It’s okay to admit that we can sometimes be glued to our cell phones. These devices give us comfort, but what are the ramifications of this luxury? Many things in life are seemingly “too good to be true,” but is this the case with cell phones?

In the past, society considered smoking cigarettes to be a classy pass time. Now we know the dangers of nicotine; the Center for Disease Control reported that cigarettes are responsible for more than 480,000 deaths in America each year.

Technology takes over everyday tasks like checking the door from your smartphone or asking Alexa to turn on and off the lights. As impressive as this is, it’s ignorant to invest into this lifestyle without knowing the potential consequences.

We’re in the phase of “cell phone history.” There isn’t enough research to conclude whether cell phones are completely safe. Despite this, we put them in our pockets and bra straps, unaware that these are important parts of our bodies susceptible to cancer. We can’t yet determine if we can contract tumors from these devices, but we should start gathering that information and weigh the pros and cons.

Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation, or RF radiation. These waves allow calls to be made by transmitting signals from the internal antenna at the bottom of your phone to the cell phone tower and back again.

A study conducted by the American Cancer Association concluded that over long periods of time and excessive phone use, these rays cause tumors in human brains. They also concluded that excessive exposure causes heart tumors in laboratory mice.

Are our closest technological companions safe to use? The answer isn’t black and white; between the hundreds of rays and signals we’re exposed to everyday, including air-traffic control, wifi, radios, fire brigade warning systems, bluetooth, and multiple broadcasting systems, the less we expose ourselves to any kind of radiation, the better.

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