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Health Office Restructured: LIU Post Center for Healthy Living

By Kristen Linsalata
Assistant News Editor

LIU Post has officially restructured the medical services offered on campus. Instead of segregating medical, mental, and community health in different departments located in separate locations on campus, these departments will be collectively located and re-named the LIU Post Center for Healthy Living. The new LIU Post Center for Healthy Living will be available for students Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Life Science/Pell Hall, rooms 154 and 155.

The nurse’s office, located in the basement of the Life Science Building, will be moved off campus as a result of the merger. Photo courtesy of Yiazelliz Alvarez
The nurse’s office, located in the basement of the Life Science Building, will be moved off campus as a result of the merger. Photo courtesy of Yiazelliz Alvarez

“LIU Post Center for Healthy Living provides medical and health services to our campus community. The center encompasses our medical, mental health and counseling, and community health education programs in one comprehensive entity,” said Adam Grohman, the Associate Dean of Students. “Students are encouraged to utilize the center for any of their health related needs. A registered nurse, social workers, and counselors are available, as always, to provide assistance,” Grohman added.

Director Lynne Schwartz oversees the Center for Healthy Living, and the staff includes a full-time senior social worker, two part time mental health consultants, and a full-time registered nurse. In addition, the team includes a part-time administration assistant, two nutrition interns and seven second year graduate interns.

In previous years, the medical services provided on campus also included the option to see a medical doctor and a gynecologist by appointment. Some of the services provided on campus were AIDS information and referral, birth control counseling, and pregnancy tests with a minimal fee; gynecological examination and treatment, medical care including diagnoses and treatment, medication and laboratory tests with a minimal fee; and a referral, if necessary, to local specialists.

For this 2014-2015 academic year, these medical services will now be offered at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Academic Health Center. “The Ocelot shuttle now includes a stop at the NYIT campus to facilitate ease of access. In addition, students are also able to utilize their own personal convenience to utilize the facilities at NYIT,” Grohman said. Students are encouraged to make an appointment at the NYIT Academic Health Center but it is not necessary and health insurance is accepted.

The LIU Post Center for Healthy Living also partners with the North Shore LIJ Behavioral Health College Partnership program for additional psychological services. However, according to psychologist Dr. Laura Braider at LIJ, since the program works with 36 schools, the LIJ Behavioral Health College Partnership program is only for students enduring an acute psychiatric crisis.

“The formation of the Center for Healthy Living is an excellent example of the evolution of our various student services offerings at
LIU Post,” Grohman said. “The administrators and staff members of the Center are excited, as always, to assist our students as they navigate their educational pursuits by providing sound answers and support to our students’ health-related questions and needs.”

While Grohman believes the centralization of the two health- related departments on campus is a positive change, students believe this could be a step in the wrong direction. “I’m a little nervous that a lot of the medical services are no longer available here on campus and [are now located] at NYIT,” said Kate Gambino, a junior Broadcasting major. “A lot of students that live on campus don’t have cars. Or even worse, what if there is an emergency? The time it takes to get from here to NYIT could mean the difference between life and death.”

However, Grohman stays true to his claim that, “the centralizing of our two health related departments into one center will provide a greater scope of educational and health-related offerings.”

Only time will tell if this will be a positive change on the LIU Post campus and if the student needs will be met. For any additional questions, please feel free to email

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