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Heroes of Common Hour

By Josh Tolentino

Staff Writer

College can often be stressful; it makes and breaks you. Obligations can be difficult for everyone, whether a faculty member, administrator or student. College concludes the teenage years and begins the path of adulthood, but that doesn’t change the fact that people still enjoy themselves.

When asked what she likes to do in her free time, Ashley Herkommer, a junior digital art design major, blurted out “sit on people’s faces” and her friends bursted out laughing. As strange as they are, students have many different hobbies to indulge in after school.

Students like Kiernan Griffin, a sophomore art therapy major, enjoy “[watching] Netflix, art and hanging out with friends” in their free time. While these hobbies are widely shared amongst the campus community, doing the activity itself just scratches the surface.

Zhexu Zheng, a junior political science major, enjoys “martial arts, reading, and playing piano, sometimes alone or with others.” Zheng, among many students find that the best hobbies are the ones where you can express yourself. Often times these activities can be shared with others. It’s not only about what you do to enjoy yourself, but who you choose to spend time with while engaging in your favorite activities.

A favorite pastime shared by many students is attending events during Homecoming weekend. “[There is] a sense of community and bonding,” Herkommer said, and her friends agreed. “We like being surrounded by people who are energetic and are spirited,” she continued.

Despite being a necessity, eating is another pastime some students enjoy together. Vinny Torelli, a sophomore radiology major, said that eating in a group “makes you feel safe, that’s why you eat in a circle. We’re watching each other’s backs. I feel like I won’t get snuck up on.” That seemed to be the consensus as his lunch group of friends laughed and agreed.

Torelli continued, saying that being in a comfortable setting with people you like allows a person to be themselves. It helped emulate the identity of the students; people who are enjoying themselves.

Despite the varying activities of each student, they all shared one common thought, they liked spending time with each other. Griffin and her friends sit and eat at the same table in Hillwood Commons everyday since freshman year. “We all like meeting up during common hour. This is the only time we get to see each other,” Griffin said. They do their best to make the most out of it. Hanging out with the people around you can be refreshing.

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