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Homeless in Hicksville

Last Wednesday, the Newman Club held a demonstration on campus to raise the awareness of homelessness on Long Island.  Over 30 of the club members dressed in hats and gloves and posted up by Humanities Hall and the Great Lawn.  The demonstrators asked the people of the C.W. Post community to drop small donations into their cups.

“I don’t know if our hope is to end homelessness on Long Island. That’d be wonderful if we could,” said Father Ted Brown who was representing the Newman Club.  “But what we’re trying to do is bring attention to the fact that there is homelessness here on Long Island and that it takes all of Long Island to become aware of that to begin to solve this problem.”

The earnings made by the club were to go straight to the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN).  According to, “The INN addresses the issues of hunger and homelessness on Long Island by providing food, shelter, long-term housing, and supportive services in a dignified and respectful manner for those who seek our help.”

Homelessness is an issue that affects college campuses across the country.  “There are many homeless college students. The INN is beginning to work on a facility for homeless college students.”

One aspect that was missing from this year’s event was the overnight sleepover outside.  Instead, they were only allowed out on campus until 5pm.  Sophomore Myana Grey was displeased with C.W. Post administration for preventing the students from sleeping on the Great Lawn.  “It’s actually our choice if we want to stay outside or not. I think they should have given us an opportunity.”

“It would make more of an impact if we were outside,” said Tess Dixon, the service Chair Person of the Newman Club.  Dixon added that the administration came to this decision because sleeping outside on campus is “a safety issue.”

Last year, the Newman Club raised $2,500 for the INN. Regardless of the final tally this year, the event was a success.  “As much as we can,” was the goal stated by sophomore Mikaya Newell.  “Homelessness is a real thing. Some people don’t actually realize it or know what homeless people go through. Hopefully they’ll look at it and want to help,” said Grey.  For more information on homelessness on Long Island, visit


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