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Honors Conference Gets an “A”

On Friday, November 5th, honors students gathered on campus to attend the annual honors conference co-sponsored by Apple Inc. and the C.W. Post Provost’s Office. This year’s theme being communications, the conference offered a wide range of lectures and workshops.

C.W. Post alumnus, Michael Allen began the conference with a keynote lecture all students had to attend. Allen is a photojournalist who travels the world chronicling the lives of different people. His most recent work has been in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Students had an opportunity to ask Allan questions at the end of the lecture, and used up every minute doing so.

Students then had to choose four of the 31 lectures to go to. Topics ranged from dream analysis, to first amendment rights, and even communication with whales and dolphins, which was presented by C.W. Post Provost, Dr. Paul Forestell. With virtually every workshop filled to capacity, it is clear the students enjoyed the range of options. “I liked the topic way better than previous years,” said Heather Norris, a junior in the honors program. “All the lectures were really interesting.”

It wasn’t only the attendance, which made it clear the students appreciated the event; the amount of student involvement in the lectures was tremendous. “The sessions were well attended,” said Professor Carolyn Levin, presenter of The Silencing of Student Expression. “Students were very interested and engaged.”

Mike Greco, a junior in the program, claims that the lectures were more fun to participate in compared to previous years. “The lectures I went to were all excellent and informative,” said Greco. “They were the best out of the three years I’ve gone.”

Dr. Forestell provided the honors students with a boxed lunch, complete with sandwich, soda, chips, and other snacks. Each student also received a free Apple drawstring backpack courtesy of Apple Inc.

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