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Honors Conference

Genna Apfel

C.W. Post’s annual Honors Conference took place on Friday, October 28th, with several events throughout the day. This year’s theme was “Follow Your Passion.” Students had the opportunity to attend over 32 workshops, discussions, and lectures. They were also able to participate in discussions with professors and guest speakers.

All students in the Honors Program were required to attend this conference to obtain five merit fellowship credits.  The Merit Fellowship program is a component in the C.W. Post Honors Program. On Sunday, October 30th, students were invited to attend the Broadway musical performance, “In the Heights,” at the Tilles Center, at 7 p.m., to receive one additional credit. Family and friends of Honors Program students were invited to join and participate in the conference.

Samantha Osgood, a junior sociology major and political science minor said, “I liked that the theme was ‘Follow Your Passion’ because that is what we are all trying to do in life. My favorite lecture was with Dr. Lothsteins, which was about decoding your dreams because, sometimes, that’s where our passions reveal themselves.”

Chelsea Serra, a sophomore environmental science major said, “I attended a lecture where I was able to learn about the invention of the MRI. I thought this was amazing.” Love Ahuja, a graduate student and political science major added, “The conference focused on something that tends to get lost in the day-to-day grind. We’re here to discover what our passions are and what makes us tick.”

Tracey Christy, Assistant Director of the Honors Program said, “The conference was a success.  Many of the Honors students enjoyed this year’s theme of passion and felt there were so many more interesting presentations from which to choose.  I was also happy to see that professors from St. Joseph’s College and Suffolk County Community College joined our own C.W. Post faculty in giving the lectures.  It is the faculty who help to make our conferences successful year after year.”

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