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“Horrible Bosses 2” Actors Discuss Film

By Michael Themistocleos
Staff Writer

To promote the film “Horrible Bosses 2,” Warner Brothers held a conference call on Nov. 10 with universities across the country to talk to actors Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis. Warner Brothers’ press allowed students to ask questions regarding the film.

“Horrible Bosses,” released in 2011, was a critical and financial success with both solid ratings and high box office profits, leading Warner Brothers to make a sequel. The movie-going community, however, is skeptical of how good a sequel can possibly be after the success of the first film.

“I think they’ll really like it,” said Day. “People will be skeptical, but I think they’ll like it. If a studio makes money, they want to make a sequel. It’s a business. We had a lot of conversations about what it could be. Creatively, we took it to a place [where] it could have made sense.” “I genuinely liked it more than the first. I’m feeling good. It’s every bit as funny as the first,” added Bateman. The actor added that all of the material in the “Bosses” sequel is new. “We had a good time trying to make people laugh. We didn’t want to repeat ourselves,” Sudeikis said.

“Horrible Bosses 2” sees Nick (Bateman), Dale (Day), and Kurt (Sudeikis) going into business for themselves. The story steers away from the plotline where the trio tries to kill their horrible bosses. Now,it’s their turn to be the horrible boss. After a faulty deal with an entrepreneur and his father, the trio is without legal representation and in great amounts of debt. They kidnap the entrepreneur and attempt to use the ransom money to pay their dues.

While one may view this plot as something of a sitcom version of “Fargo,” in terms of a comical kidnapping gone wrong, director/co- writer Sean Anders and co-writer John Morris worked as a creative duo to help create a different, more appropriate, and original style.

Sudeikis was extremely happy with the work of Anders and Morris. “They’re two of the best comedy writers. They did a great job with ‘We’re the Millers,’ especially with this whole part in the middle [of ‘Horrible Bosses 2’] that feels like Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’ or [a part of a] Soderbergh [film].” Bold words for a comedy, but Day assured it was stylistic when it needed to be, and made sense on film. “It’s great to work with such people,” concluded Day. “It’s great people wanted to be in the sequel after seeing and hearing about the first. I’m so, so grateful.” “Horrible Bosses 2” will be released nationwide on Nov. 26. “We hope you enjoy it. It’s a fun film,” said Sudeikis.

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