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How students at Post celebrated Thanksgiving

Last updated on Jan 24, 2024

By Amisha Temal, Features Editor

The campus stayed festive this month with multiple clubs holding potlucks and Thanksgiving events. In modern times, Thanksgiving is celebrated with a less traditional attitude. The younger generations recognize that the feast originally celebrated the Colonial British settlers arriving in America, where later many Native Americans were killed. As a result, Thanksgiving has separate meanings for different cultures. Nov. 23 is also considered the National Day Of Mourning for Native Americans. 

On Nov. 22, RISE and Circle K collaborated and held a Friendsgiving event during common hour in room 221 in Hillwood Commons. In addition to providing free food, the club members engaged in enjoyable activities and spoke about random acts of kindness. 

Sophomore political science major, Circle K president and RISE historian Amy Luis spoke on the event. 

“The event was a success for both Circle K and RISE,” Luis said. “I didn’t expect it to go so well but it was practically like a real family Thanksgiving dinner. The importance of random acts of kindness was discussed during the event through examples and discussions being brought up at the table. A key example was how each Circle K and RISE e-board members took time out of their day to make or acquire food for our event.”

Attendees were treated to a large variety of options for food, ranging from cookies, apple pie, souffle, mac & cheese and fruits. 

“We all shared our food and complemented each other’s great food,” Luis said. We prepared a poster board with examples of random acts of kindness and a Kahoot game. They were great but what was even greater was the unity that was seen between both groups. Overall, both RISE and Circle K did a great job planning and executing an awesome Friendsgiving this year.”

Circle K also collaborated with The Wave, the campus radio station, to arrange a November Food Drive. All proceeds went towards the Mary Brennan Inn Soup Kitchen in Hempstead.

Religious organizations on campus also joined in on the Thanksgiving festivities. 

LIU Hillel had a Friendsgiving Potluck on Nov. 20. The South Asian Student Association (SASA) and The Muslim Student Association (MSA) collaborated to have a Friendsgiving Potluck as well. The SASA & MSA event was on the evening of Nov. 29 in Hillwood Commons. Students attending enjoyed food from fellow attendees and catered dishes from La Estacion in Brentwood. The restaurant serves food from a variety of cultures. La Estacion provided palak paneer, chana masala, and mac & cheese for the event.

In addition to the abundance of festive club events, Post Hall held a month-long clothing drive. All proceeds will be given to Greendrop, an organization that collects clothing donations from local non-profits. This incentive was organized by sophomore psychology major Samantha Manessis and senior psychology and criminal justice major Anygma Barlow, both RAs of the dormitory. 

Manessis spoke about what motivated them to create this opportunity. 

“We decided to host a clothing drive because we felt that college students always have some clothes that don’t fit anymore or just aren’t their style,” Manessis said. “We figured that hosting a drive during the Thanksgiving season would be perfect as there are many teens and young adults on the island in need of warm clothes for the winter. Donating clothes during Thanksgiving and winter is especially important as it is the season of giving. It is important that we take a step back and look at the big picture, and while we are fortunate enough to pursue higher education and have the luxury of having a surplus of clothes, many others our age are not as fortunate.”

Students on campus have shown a sense of togetherness and kindness during this season. Holidays can be stressful, which makes thoughtfulness all the more important.

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