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How to Get Involved on Campus

By Angelique D’Alessandro

News/Online Editor

There are many opportunities on campus to hold leadership positions and join clubs where you can make friends, learn new skills, and contribute to the campus community. The most important step to get involved in college is recognizing where your interests lie. This is a list of five ways that students can get involved on campus and make the most of their four years.

Look within your major

Often, there are specific clubs that relate to college majors. For example, if you are nursing student, you can get involved in the nursing club. The nutrition club is perfect for student studying nutrition or anyone with an interest in nutrition and health. By putting one of these clubs on your resume, you will be a more well-rounded applicant for jobs.

Get involved in Greek life

On our campus, there are Panhellenic organizations for women who want to get involved in a sorority, and fraternities for men. Getting involved in Greek life is a great way to meet new people on campus and expand your horizons. Sororities and fraternities sponsor many events, such as philanthropic drives and sisterhood/brotherhood events to grow closer to members of your sorority or fraternity.

Try a sports team

For those who enjoy athletics, there are many club sports teams on campus that are looking for interested members. If you are interested in riding horses, you could join the equestrian club team, which allows students with varying levels of proficiency to get involved. You can also join a club team such as flag football, and find a community while also getting a good source of exercise.

Explore other interests

College is often a stressful time in the lives of students. A great way to spend your time is to join a club that you are interested outside of your major. Some examples are Be the Change club, which promotes positivity on campus, or Runway, the school’s fashion club.

Find a leadership position

Getting involved in a leadership organization is a great way to spend your time. Examples are the Student Government Association, which helps students to talk with administrators to better their college experience. Students can also get involved in leadership honor societies, such as Gamma Sigma Alpha or Order of Omega.

By getting involved on campus, you will better spend your college years, meet new people and form lasting connections.

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