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How to Get Through Finals

By Anand Venigalla
Staff Writer

With finals week approaching, homework starts piling up, assignments increase, and students go to the library to study intensely. What makes finals week special is that it is the crescendo leading up to the climax right before school ends and is the only thing separating students from summer. But how will students deal with finals week? How will they cope with homework and assignments, and can they handle it?

Photo By Anand Venigalla Erika Parks, Senior English major
Photo By Anand Venigalla
Erika Parks, Senior English major

The general consensus is that students are able to handle finals week and all that it entails. Senior English major, Erika Parks said, “I think I’ll be able to handle it pretty well. I’ve gone through [the process] a bunch of times. So I’m used to it.”

For seniors who have been through the finals week process it may be easy, but for some freshmen it can be more of a struggle. Cara Kennedy, a freshman pathology major said, “It’s going to be really hard, so I’m just gonna go to the library and study a lot.”

In addition, some suggest taking breaks when needed. Taking breaks allows you to relax your mind and take a breather. “[I’ll] probably study hard and try to take a break when I can,” said freshman, music education major, Amanda Avdoulous.

Another way of handling finals is to set aside time to study and plan accordingly. “Make sure you set aside ample time to review any material you have to, and that way you’ll stress out less,” said Burcu Altintas, a senior psychology major. Keeping a planner or putting reminders in your phone is a good way to keep yourself organized so that you can plan out your study time and outside activities.

The common thread in all these student opinions is an emphasis on studying and a confidence that they can handle it. This finals week can be handled with a lot of studying, some breaks in between, and organization.


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