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How to Stay Fashionable in Your Jacket This Season

Amanda Bernocco
Staff Writer

Autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner. We have been hiding our skin beneath our clothes for a while now. In no time we will be digging to the back of our closets to pull out our jackets to keep warm.

But how do you find a cozy jacket while staying fashionable?

Amanda Dolle, a sophomore vocal performance major, likes to wear North Face jackets “because they’re comfy.” She sports a solid black North Face that has faux fur sleeves. Dolle says that she likes her jackets to be neutral colors because “your jacket needs to match more [of your clothes].”

In October’s issue of Glamour magazine, the editors show fabulous ideas on how to feminize your jacket. They show every day people walking the streets adding scarves, skinny jeans, leather bags and wild printed pants with their jackets.

Glamour encourages leather on leather—try pairing your chic leather jacket with an over­sized leather bag, while using multiple colors.

“I like leather jackets because they are warm, but not too hot for fall,” Kirsten Corwin, a sophomore music education major, said as she was rocking a light tan leather jacket.

When choosing a jacket, you should also keep your body shape in mind. Every girl has a unique body, so one jacket will not be perfect for every girl. Looking your best in your jacket is easy if you have the right cut.

If you are slim, get a jacket with a belt to define your waistline. If your jacket is too oversized, your petite frame will get lost. A belted waist defines your body, creating the hourglass look. Urban Outfitter’s “Jack by BB Dakota Belted Abi Coat” ($99, urbanoutfit­ is a soft woven coat with a soft blue and black plaid design. The angled pockets and the defined, belted waistline will define your frame perfectly.

The bustier girl should go for a big, tai­lored frame. Try Zara’s “Hook and Eye Fas­tened Coat” ($129, at; it comes in light grey with a feminine paisley pattern. Bal­ance the boxy look the jacket gives with your favorite pair of skinny jeans!

If your frame is curvier get a jacket that is longer than your hips to elongate your body. Take a look at American Eagle Outfitter’s “AE Hooded Military Parka” jacket ($129.95, Its soft nylon and cotton mix will keep you feeling warm all winter long while doing wonders for your shape. Get it in white, olive green or black and pair it with skinny jeans to balance the look.

For girls who are lacking in the height department, buttons will be your best friend when it comes to jackets. Buttons have a way of elongating your torso, making you appear to be much taller than you actually are. Check out Burlington’s Coat Factory’s “Faux Wool w/ Oversized Knit Collar” coat ($69.99, at burl­ It comes in two shades of blue, black and a deep red. The double but­ton detail of the jacket will make you appear several inches taller!

Going through the racks trying to find the perfect warm, yet fashionable winter jacket can be tedious at times, but it will be worth it when you find the one that fits you just right. Your jacket should reflect you. It’s the first thing people will see when you step into a room, escaping the frigid air outside. When you find the right jacket you will feel confident in it, you won’t have to worry about your appearance for your first impressions, and be able to live your busy fun-filled life looking great!

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