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How To: Style Bold Prints

Marisa Anziano


From leopard print to polka dots, incorporating a bold pattern into your outfit is a simple yet fashion-forward way to get noticed. Although prints may seem unfeasible or even a little frightening to many of us, it is easier than you may think. No need to fret, ladies: Professor Marisa is here to provide a crash course in Bold Prints 101.

Take the time to explore the wide range of patterns in stores today. Make sure that you are able to experience these interesting patterns while remaining true to your spirit. Patterns are supposed to enhance an outfit, not detract from your personal style. You don’t want to get lost in a sea of prints that don’t really flatter your body type, hair color, or even your skin tone.

Paying attention to color is extremely important. Printed colors that match hues in your hair, skin, eyes, or even makeup tend to appear more natural and seamless. Color tones that are stronger or bolder than your natural coloring will come off as dominating and overpowering. On the other hand, choosing a print that is too cutesy or weak will not work, either. Try to find the perfect balance between strength and color.

Larger patterns have the tendency to make you look larger. Therefore, strategic placement of prints should be considered. For example, horizontal strips elongate your physique while vertical stripes make you look boxy and oversized. The easiest and safest way to style patterns is with sold, neutral colors. If mixing prints though, using identical or at least similar colors promotes synchronization.

Popular prints this spring and summer include chevron, floral, leopard print, and stripes. Whimsical patterns such as galaxies and stars have also been seen on runways and in fashion magazines lately. Other stylish alternatives are birds, bows, and keys. Patterns such as these can be found in Forever 21, H&M, and Target especially. As always, higher-end brands such as Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and Diane von Furstenberg also carry many fabulous patterns.

When it comes to choosing the best prints for you, the only way to figure out what looks best is trial and error. Step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Beginning with printed accessories, such as scarves, or shoes is a great idea to enhance your style. Try not to rule anything out because you may be surprised as to what looks great on you!

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