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How’s your Ipad Doing?

Jessica DeSalvo

At the beginning of this year, students at C.W. Post got their hands on one of Apple’s newest software on the market. Post also offered classes to help students become better educated on how to navigate their way around their new Ipads. The buzz about the Ipad is starting to cool down on campus and we have not heard much of it since. There have been discoveries of different applications, which help students with schoolwork, study skills and even daily diet and exercise. The Ipad offers apps that make personal and academic life all a little bit easier.

“I take it to class and work, it’s small and convenient for doing my homework,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Kudlek. “I use apps like the notepad, fitness pal, safari and games.” It can be hard for many students to balance the overload of schoolwork along with good eating habits and health. Try downloading an application called “Burn and Eat Plus” which keeps track of the calories that are burned and consumed. You can type in what exercise you fit into your day, along with the amount of calories you ate. It will provide you with the equivalent food list to show what healthier foods you could eat instead. As far as your personal life goes, there are many different applications to cater to whatever needs you may have.

There are many Ipad applications that can benefit students academically as well. “I use it to study by downloading apps for my anatomy class,” said sophomore Katelynn Rufle. “The app includes body parts and interactive hands-on learning, which help me understand information better.” For students interested in this application, it’s called ModalityBODY, and can be downloaded on the Apple website.

For students that find themselves disorganized or forgetting when things are due at school, try the iStudiez Pro. This application is a great way to take control of your busy schedule. It includes features like a built-in planner, GPA calculator and a notifications feature for when assignments are due. It even stores notes for each class and backs up your data should anything happens to your Ipad. Post students may also find applications like Audiotorium Notes, Convert Pad and Alarm Clock HD helpful for academic use. For more information on what applications are available to students, teachers and users log onto

Although iPads help students in their personal and academic life, some professors on campus have mixed feelings. “Ipads are not a distraction because I simply don’t allow them in class, if I did then students would play games,” said History Professor Richard Waldman.  Cell phones are a minuscule distraction when it comes to using Ipads in class. Students are given limitless games to play, and can access much more things on their Ipads rather than their phones. “Ipads are a good idea because students can be directly wired to tools like blackboard but just not during lecture, there’s no point,” Waldman said. In this case, C.W. Post students may want to check with a professor before using Ipads as a helpful tool in class.

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