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Improv Club Expands

By Ruhi Gandhi
Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Founded in September 2016 by Tanner Bolin, a junior musical theatre major, The No Control “improv” team consists of many talented students who will definitely make you laugh. This team of students, mostly theatre majors ranging from freshmen to seniors, use their improvisation skills to entertain the audience via games.

The games are easy to understand and are pretty unique at the same time. They are interactive games that require viewer participation, making it almost like a reality show. Having personally seen it twice, I recommend people to go watch it as well. It is a great initiative.

The group will be holding a show every week during common hour between 1 and 2 p.m. in the Hillwood Cinema.

Isabelle Rutens, a sophomore musical theatre major who just became the manager of the group, hopes the group will be more present on campus. “This semester we managed to add seven members to the team. Now that we have so many people, we decided to have two subgroups in the team and so each subgroup performs every alternate week. Seeing fresh faces is also important in these types of performances. I think it is great way for us improvers and the audience to relieve stress. We would love for the audience to grow and support us!”

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