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Inspirited Introspection Art Exhibit

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Staff Writer

Sharon Papp’s “Inspirited Introspection” art exhibit was featured in the S.A.L gallery from Oct 31-Nov. 1. It was partially comprised of recyclables with vibrant colors, feminine motifs, and spiritual images. Though she does not follow any specific religion, Papp draws her inspiration from spirituality, and believes that art helps her find her true and higher self.

Photo by Angelique D’Alessandro
Sharon Papp’s artwork was featured in the S.A.L Gallery.

One of her pieces is based on her work as a teacher at Mill Neck Manor, a school for deaf children. She combines her knowledge of sign language with her spirit animal, the raven. In the piece, a young girl does the sign for “patience” and the raven is drawn towards her. Legs in the center of the work walk towards “wholeness and healing.”

Papp’s work comes entirely from her spiritual journey, and she said this begins with feminine energy. “The feminine, the flower, the root are all incredibly important in my works,” she said. In one piece, a woman resembling Papp meditates while cross-legged on the floor, and a raised shell-like material sits in the lower center of her torso, representing feminine root energy driving her forward.

When asked about how feminine energy translates into today’s society, Papp stressed that more must be done to create a more equal world. “There’s still a struggle to find equality. There are small steps that help us to rise up, but there needs to be more done,” she said

In addition to celebrating femininity, Papp’s work focuses on finding her own spiritually. “Part of your spirituality is accepting who you are and sharing your experiences with others so they are able to accept themselves,” she said.

More information about her art is available by emailing thegypsiesattic@gmail. com.

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