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Interview With A Rocket to the Moon’s Nick Santino

Paul Kalis
A&E Editor

Photo: Eric Ryan Anderson
Photo: Eric Ryan Anderson

The Pioneer recently spoke with A Rocket to the Moon lead singer Nick Santino. The pop-rock group consisting of Justin Richards on guitar, Eric Halvorsen on bass, and Andrew Cook on drums released its new EP “Wild & Free,” which features 13 new tracks including “Whole Lotta You,” “Somebody Out There” and “If I’m Gonna Fall In Love.” The band’s sophomore album was released on March 26, 2013, and is available for download on iTunes. You can follow A Rocket to the Moon on Twitter @ARTTM.

The Pioneer (TP):  “Wild & Free” is set to drop March 26. How did you choose the album title?

Nick Santino (NS): “Wild & Free” is something I had written in my iPhone notes for about three years now. For some reason, I always liked the idea of music being wild and free. I thought it was a good way to sum up our album in two words.

TP: Which of the new 13 tracks is your favorite and why?

NS: “If I’m Gonna Fall In Love” is one of my favorites. It has an awesome groove, the lyrics are fun and the overall vibe of the song is just fun.

TP: You immersed yourself in the Nashville scene to create “Wild & Free.” How does the actual Nashville scene compare to the one depicted in ABC’s TV series “Nashville”?

NS: Nashville is a great place. I’ve only watched a few episodes of the show. I liked how the locations in the show were accurate. It was cool to watch and see places that I knew and would go to. TV shows always take things a little too far but I’d say they did a good job at it. But Nashville is a place you have to experience on your own.

TP: The EP was produced by Mark Bright who worked with Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire. What new elements were incorporated into your music from Bright?

NS: Mark is an amazing producer and an even better person. He brought a sense of freedom to the recording process. He had amazing ideas and would make us feel so comfortable about everything. He is a blessing to this band.

TP: The music video for “Ever Enough” features Disney star Debby Ryan, who is seen in a much different light than on the kid-friendly network. How was it working with Ryan?

NS: Debby is my best friend. We talk about everything together. If one of us has a bad day, the other one knows. She is a great person and so easy to work with. It was a comfortable video to make and we had a great time doing it.

TP:  Where do you find your inspiration?

NS: Everything. Just everyday life. Friends, family, love, regret. Everything.

TP: You started in a bedroom by posting a few songs on the Internet. What advice do you have for college students who want to get ahead or break into the business?

NS: You can’t give up. You never know when you’ll break. You could literally be a day away from the biggest day of your life and you’ll have no idea. If you give up, you’ll be missing out on the biggest thing to every happen to you.

TP: Tell us about one of your YOLO (you only live once) moments.

NS: Touring. I’m so grateful to be doing what I do. I’m 24 and I’ve seen so much of the world and I’ve gotten the pleasure to meet thousands and thousands of people that believe in what I do. It’s a truly great feeling.

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