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Introducing the Fall Career Success Workshop Series

By Gillian Pietrowski 
Staff Writer

Getting back to school also means getting ready for the real world. The LIU Promise office is helping students do that by hosting a career success workshop series. Finding a job after graduation can be a tricky, which is why LIU Promise has come up with this series to give students a head start.

Photo by Jada Butler
Promise coach, Kaitlin Montijo

Kaitlin Montijo, a promise success coach is also the Career Success Coordinator. She is responsible for organizing all of the workshops. Montijo said that this workshop series will benefit students. “The workshops are designed to help students learn tips and tricks to getting hired after graduation, as well as professional skills needed to succeed in the workforce. Resume writing, job searching, and interviewing each require an individual skill set and ample practice in order to be successful,” she said.

The Career Success Workshop Series is run primarily by LIU Promise. However, some academic departments do offer focused workshops for students within their major, according to Montijo. The department of communications & film will be hosting a resume and interview workshop on Oct. 5, separate from the LIU Promise series. Students can reach out to professors within their departments for assistance with obtaining internships and jobs within their fields.

Along with having LIU Promise success coaches hosting all the workshops, they invited industry specific guest presenters to provide different perspectives and insights on certain topics. The interview skills workshop on Nov. 29 will be hosted by a GEICO representative. “Different employer perspectives can give students ideas about what it is like to work in their industries,” Montijo said.

Carly Viverito, a sophomore international business major, learned about the workshop series through her professors. “It is an outlet to find good resources for future employment,” she said. Viverito believes the series will be beneficial for students. “A Lot of students don’t think they have many people to go to with preparing for jobs after graduation,” she said.

The next workshop scheduled for the series will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at the Winnick Mansion from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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