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Iron Chic Homecoming Show

By Christa Speranza
Assistant Copy Editor

From Billy Joel to Brand New, the Long Island music scene has generated a huge fan base that flocks to concerts nearly every month for their respected artists.

In the public’s search for venues, some people may have been to the well-known theatres like Nikon at Jones Beach Theater and The Paramount, while others trek out to smaller gigs, such as the 89 Music Venue or Vibe Lounge. However, on Saturday, April 12, a homecoming show for Long Island natives Iron Chic played at the unique “DIY” venue called The Wood Shop.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “DIY” stands for “do-it- yourself.” Located in Copaigue, The Wood Shop gets its name from the building in which bands play inside – it is a literal wood shop. Kitchen furnishings are littered along the corridors; the walls are decorated with wood samples, and the entrance to where the bands play is behind a thick showroom curtain.

Upon entering the DIY venue, the one major question that may have been on minds of those first seeing The Wood Shop: where is
the stage? Decorated with Christmas lights, a large “The Wood Shop” banner, and reflective letters hung from the ceiling, which read “AWWW YEAH,” the kitschy DIY created its own version of a stage by illuminating a crevice of the room.

The first few bands to play, Per Capita, Scout, and Haverford, drew a minimal crowd. Taking inspiration from the bands Title Fight and Tigers Jaw, the openers sadly left the audience in a lulled state of being – no jumping, no excitement, nothing.

Somerset Thrower, the openers to Iron Chic, managed to spark some interest, but much of the crowd’s concern belonged to the Long Island punk royalty. Sweaty and unapologetic, Jason Lubrano, lead singer of Iron Chic, commanded the 500-square foot room and belted out “Cutesy Monster Man,” off their previous album, “Not Like This.”

After coming home from their debut-record’s tour, the crowd seemed pleasantly surprised by the lack of “The Constant One,” as they played merely two songs. The entire set list comprised of early LP’s, and mostly “Not Like This” kept the crowd alive as everyone in the room swayed, head-banged, and jumped their way towards the band.

Iron Chic ended on a high note with “Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future,” and the crowd bellowed tremendously, leaving the sound to reverb through the walls and out into the streets. Iron Chic is set to tour the UK from the end of April to the end of May. If you follow the Long Island punk scene, this was surely a homecoming that was not to be missed.

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