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Is More Always Better?

By Shelby Townsend
Contributing Writer

After a 2014 survey, the LIU Post administration learned that students wanted a wider variety of food options on campus. When students arrived this semester, they were greeted with four new places to eat around campus.

Photo by Nicole Digiovanni
Photo by Nicole Digiovanni

According to a press release from early September of this year, LIU Post students wanted “coffee and snacks in more locations and varieties across campus.” In response, the school added Bleecker Street Cafe, The Dollhouse, Twisted Taco, and The Pioneer Pantry.

Located to the right of the entrance of the library, the Bleecker Street Café immediately greets students as they walk in. The new and improved café is set up like a full sized Starbucks with baked goods and sandwiches on display, and a variety of snacks, coffee, tea, and soda also available for purchase. Students may either choose to sit at one of the six tables in the café, or take their food elsewhere. Although the café always seems to have customers, it does not disrupt the quiet, work atmosphere in the library.

On Riggs Lawn near the residents halls sits The Dollhouse, a quaint little cottage serving quick food like hot dogs, parfaits, and coffee. This café is conveniently located for students who live on campus, looking to grab a quick bite to eat on their way to class.

Many students have been buzzing about Twisted Taco, which is connected to the Subway in Hillwood Commons. This is the only food addition that does not serve quick, café style snacks. Instead, students can build their own Southwestern style meals.

Lastly, the Pioneer Pantry, located in Winnick, is also available to students, especially those living on-campus, who need to grab a snack on-the-go, or stock up their dorm rooms.

The responses from students about the new additions to campus have been mostly positive. Kate Gambino, a senior Broadcasting major, was very impressed with Twisted Taco.

“I think I get more for my money at Twisted Taco,” Gambino said. “I am full off of my meal and could actually split it with someone with how generous the portions are.”

Although the response has been positive, some students think there could be improvements. Natalia Schaefer, a freshman Business major, was disappointed by the food selection at The Dollhouse.

“I was surprised when I saw hot dogs on the menu,” Schaefer explained. “I thought there would be more paninis or baked goods like in other coffee shops.”

Commuter students are also finding it difficult to make their way over to the residential side of campus where The Dollhouse is located. Hannah Pohalski, a senior who is double majoring in Business and Health Sciences, agrees with many others that the new eateries are a great addition to the campus.

“I think it makes the campus more inviting, and it benefits students living on campus and students who commute,” Pohalski said. “Additions like these could have the potential of bringing more students to Post.”

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