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It’s Not All Toga Parties and Booze

Greek life has had a long withstanding reputation of being just a bunch of people getting together to party. Movies like Old School and Animal House portray perfect examples of the stereotype society has on Greek life. However, Greek life is not about the boozing and partying, it’s about philanthropy, trust, sisterhood/brotherhood, and growing up.

The C.W. Post administration has failed to recognize what the sororities and fraternities do especially when it comes to fundraisers. Every week in Hillwood Commons, you will see a table set up for a different cause with the sorority or fraternity (and sometimes both) trying to raise money for different organizations. Community service is another thing that sororities and fraternities do. “We do a lot of community service. It helps us develop ourselves and become more of a man,” says Senior Yianni Milonakis, Grandmaster of Kappa Sigma. “Last week we were in Garden City for community service and the week before that we were at the Milk Pail Apple Orchard,” Milonakis continues.

In speaking with several members of fraternities and sororities, there were several strong opinions. “I just don’t know why we don’t get recognized,” states Junior Kelly Kirsh of Delta Phi Epilson. Sophomore Liza Gomelski agreed and said, “I feel like a lot of people think sororities and fraternities are stuck up so they may not take us seriously, but they do a lot of community service.”

However, one sorority member believes the administration is noticing Greek life.  “They’re recognizing us more this semester than last,” said Junior Jessie Ternes of Alpha Zi Delta.  “We’re trying to get a better reputation and change all together.” Junior Colleen Smalley agrees saying, “Greek life is doing things with other clubs now. We’re making a name for ourselves and getting recognized.”

Senior Brian Starkman, long-time member of Kappa Sigma thinks, “Greek life is held back. I feel like athletics get away with stuff, but Greek life doesn’t.” When asked what the administration could do he said, “let us live.”

Each semester, every member of a Greek organization must pay dues to the national headquarters for Greek life in America. The money comes straight from the sorority and fraternity members. The fundraisers set up by the Greek organizations and the money raised is sent to the different organizations that are featured. Kirsh mentioned that, “we have to raise all of our money, we pay our own dues out of our own pocket.”

Each week there is a Greek week prize for a different fraternity or sorority on campus. But all of the hard work comes from these young adults that are trying to make the world a better place. Senior Sarina Sigimn stated, “we’re working towards the community each fundraiser at a time.”

Each week the brothers and sisters of Greek life meet every morning on Monday at nine o’clock at night. There they discuss what their next fundraiser will be and assign different projects. There are four sororities and one fraternity recognized by the CW Post campus.

The young adults within these organizations can be seen wearing Greek lettering on their clothing.  They do their philanthropy (community service) to help others and they have fun while doing it. Fraternities and sororities are truly a great cause to society and it is unfair that they are not recognized for it. Past problems including hazing allegations and sororities and fraternities to be exclusive to only a few, have put Greek organizations in a bad light.

As it is now apparent, Greek life is not all about partying and booze. These are young adults simply trying to make the world a better place. The Greek life organizations on campus are urging the C.W. Post administration to recognize them what they do. When going through Hillwood Commons in the afternoon, stop by the tables and see what Greek life is all about. Donate some money or just make some small talk and appreciate what they do. These young people represent our school and we should be proud to say that they do.


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