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Keep Our Dorms Clean

Freddie Schwartz

For students who live in any of the residence halls on campus, a clean and functioning dorm is a must. However, there are complaints from students with issues concerning the dorms’ overall condition and cleanliness.

Jackie Wiswall, a Junior chemistry major, who is currently living in the Brookville dorm, has complained three times of a leak in her ceiling that has yet to be fixed. The alleged leak has been present for over four days, and, according to Wiswall, only one person came to look at the leaks, and no repairs have been made. She said of the issues, “Maintenance and cleanliness is okay, but the maintenance workers’ responses to problems, like leaks, the Ethernet boxes, and outlets are slow.”

Though some students say that the dorms are satisfactory, others complain that facilities, like the bathrooms, are still not being cleaned enough.

According to Jennifer Fuoco, the Associate Director Resident Life, most students have been asking for carpet-free rooms and to have wireless Internet in their dorms. As of now, Brookville, the Red and Green suites, Post, and Riggs Halls are carpet-free, and more of the dorms will be renovated during the summer months.

In regards to wireless Internet, it would take a great deal of time to drill through the walls, but IT (Information Technology) has already started making plans for this long-term project. Yet, there are already Wi-Fi hotspots in the dorm lounges.

The overall maintenance of the dorms, according to Fuoco, is staggering. During the summer, a team of electricians, plumbers, and carpenters come to repair damages, and furniture is also replaced if necessary. Two weeks before the dorms open for students, the custodial staff checks every room as well as cleans them. Everything from walls, furniture, windows, and floors are cleaned and repaired. It’s clear that maintenance works very hard in providing clean and well-kept rooms and bathrooms.

However, there is another side to the problem: students not taking the time to keep their own dorms and bathrooms clean.  With so many complaints about the conditions of the campus dorms, many students have admitted that their peers do not clean up after themselves as much as they could.

A representative at the Student Health and Counseling Center says it is important for students to take an active part in maintaining hygienic bathroom facilities as well as keeping their own rooms clean. This includes not leaving trash on the floors, cleaning bathroom stall and shower cubicals after use, and, of course, washing your hands. With flu season dawning upon us, health officials are quick to stress the importance of keeping our bathrooms and ourselves free from germs to prevent the flu from spreading through the student population.

It is imperative that dorms be cleaned regularly, and students must be active participants in maintaining a healthy environment If you experience any problems with your dorm room, it’s important to let your R.A. know about the problem, so they can help resolve it as soon as possible.

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