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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Erin Mei
Staff Writer

Kevin Hart may only be 5’4” but he definitely makes up in jokes for what he lacks in height. On Saturday, November 10, he made history by selling out both New York City shows and also making Madison Square Garden history by being the fourth comedian to ever perform in the venue.

Hart and his opening acts, or as they refer to themselves, the “Plastic Cup Boyz”, consisted of Joey Wells, Will “Spank” Horton and Na’im, delivered hilarious jokes that made the audience laugh and cry at the same time. For two and a half hours there was never a moment of silence in the room when the performers were on stage.

Hart first rose from the stage, out onto an elaborate stage filled with lights, fog, cameras, and fire. You would have thought you got tickets to a concert rather than a comedy show. He opened by asking the crowd, “Did y’all see my goddamn fire?!” The comedian explains that he was at a Jay-Z and Kanye concert and they had fire, so he had to get fire for his comedy tour and promised the audience that fire was going to be seen throughout the night.

As always, Hart tells stories of his life, family and friends, which make him more relatable and enjoyable for the audience. One of the first jokes he told was about the fact that his divorce was finally finalized from his crazy ex-wife. He says that the only reason why they got divorced was due to infidelity on his part and that he’s a chronic liar about any given situation.

By the end of the show, Hart had a heartfelt message for those who attended the show. He had tears in his eyes thanked the audience for helping him achieve a milestone by being one of the handful of comedians to perform at MSG. Hart tweeted: “Words can’t express the emotion that is running thru my body at this very moment…MY FANS ARE THE F—— BEST!!!! Thank you NEW YORK CITY.”

“Let Me Explain” was recorded and is to be released in 2013.

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