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Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the Greeks!

Olufunmilayo Coker
Staff Writer

Over 100 people attended the annual Meet the Greek event in the Pratt Recreational gym. The event was an opportunity for students to get to know the Greek organizations on campus.

The turnout, according to Michelle Seke, a Sociology major, was amazing. Seke is also the President of the Inter Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC), which played a role in making the event possible this year.

The IFSC is an organization that unifies all fraternities and sororities. It also plans and coordinates all major events and programs concerning Greek life on campus. There were 14 traditional and cultural fraternities and sororities present.

Traditional organizations are often referred to as the National mainstream Greek organizations, while the cultural organizations are based on the multi-cultural diversity among their members. “[This is] a great outlet for freshmen to get involved on campus,” said Seke.

The crowd this year was diverse, as it is every year. Supporters from other sorority and fraternity chapters also participated this year. The so- rorities and fraternities who performed their strolls and dances this year were: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta, Lambda Pi Chi, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Iota Alpha, Phi Iota Alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma, Delta Sigma Theta, Kappa Alpha Psi, Kappa Sigma, Omega Phi Beta, and Lambda Sigma Upsilon.

Each fraternity and sorority had a table set up that was stocked with information and history on their organization, and they were ready to share what they were about with those who revealed their interest in joining.

The gym was buzzing with excitement, and Jesus Cardenas’, a senior and a Business Administration and Film major, voice could not be heard over the chanting and cheers of each fraternity and sorority. Cardenas is the president of Lambda Sigma Upsilon and served as the event’s announcer for the night.

There are 134 students on campus that are currently a part of a Greek organization and there is no limit as to how many students can join, however, many organization base entry on a specific grade point average (GPA).

The fraternities and sororities performed special chants and dances that were practiced for months prior to the event. This was also the time when each organization would perform their stroll, a line-dance specific to each fraternity and sorority. Everyone who participated in Meet the Greeks was proud of their accomplishments as an organization, espe- cially Delta Sigma Theta, a sorority that was celebrating their centennial this year.

Seke, who is a part of the sorority Sigma Iota Alpha, insisted that joining a fraternity or a sorority is one of the best ways to network and secure a stable life. “It’s an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself,” Seke added.

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