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Leak outside of TV station not a new problem

Christian Arnold

Garbage cans filled with dripping water aren’t an uncommon sight if you’re walking into a class on the second floor of Humanities Hall or if you’re just strolling by the TV studio.  The leak outside of the TV station in Humanities Hall has been a problem that’s been going on for years, according to both students and university staff.

“The leak has been going on since my sophomore year at Post, maybe even my freshman year, ” commented Matt Saur, a senior journalism major, who has classes in the TV station. “The past few years, they would have garbage cans with water in them. They would just sit there in the hallway.”

The university has acknowledged that the problem has been an ongoing issue for the past several years.  However, it asserts that it has made many efforts to fix the problem.

“There has been more than one problem,” said Bill Kirker, the director of facilities services. “The major problem was the roof.  This was taken care of when the roof was replaced last year.  In addition, we made repairs to an air conditioning unit on the roof, which stopped most of what was still leaking.”

Yet, through all the efforts, the leak remains outside the TV station.  Kirker said that the current leaks are an intermittent problem, but that they are having a difficult time pinpointing the current causes of the leak.

“It is being investigated,” Kirker said. “But, the condition that causes the leak is not always present.  This makes it very difficult to pin point.””

However, Joe Voce, a junior, who takes Television Prod in the TV station, feels that the university is not doing anything about the current leak.

“I see the two garbage pails outside the room collecting water from the ceiling everyday, and it looks like nothing is being done about it,” Voce said.

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