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Leaky Faucet

By Brian Riley
Co-News Editor

On the second floor of Humanities Hall, several garbage cans are often placed right outside of the women’s bathroom to catch water dripping from a leaky ceiling. Most students assumed the leak was connected to a hole in the ceiling when it rains. That is actually not the case, according to Joseph Schaefer, Chief of Administration and Student Affairs.

“The water that is seen dripping periodically from above the ceiling in the Humanities building is from two air handler units that are located in the attic space,” Schaefer said.

These units produce heat and air conditioning for the building. The units leak because when it is hot, like it has been for the last few weeks, condensation occurs and falls through the ceiling.

Post has recently hired contractors to reinsulate the pipes, and to make other improvements around the campus, Schaefer said. Although there is not one main project, Post is constantly trying to make updates to the campus.

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