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Let the Good Times Roll

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

To most college students, their phone is their life. Not only because it houses their favorite social media, games, emails and notes, but also their photographs. Your photos will always mean something and you will have that moment forever. Here are this week’s LIU Post students’ favorite photo on their phones:

Stephanie Mocerino

“I like this pic because it shows my personality.
Always happy and smiling through life.”
Stephanie Mocerino, junior broadcasting major

Savanah Cummings

“I laugh a lot and smile just as much.
This picture captures a little bit of both of those.
No matter how you’re feeling,
what age you are or who your friends are…
one thing remains the same.
Laughter is contagious and a smile is the sunshine on a cloudy day.”
Savanah Cummings, junior health science major

Kaycee Zelkovsky

“This is my favorite picture in my entire photo album.
It’s not recent but I always keep it in there because it makes me relive that goal
and reminds me of the exact feeling I had at that moment.
Out of all of the goals I’ve scored, in both high school and in college,
during my field hockey career, this one was by far the absolute best.
On October 6, 2011 (I know that date because it’s written on that ball in the
goal in the picture sitting on my shelf in my room)
I was a sophomore in high school and we were playing our rival school,
Bernards, who we hadn’t beaten in years.
I scored the winning goal in that game alongside my teammates.
The final score was 1-0 and it was one of the most intense and roughest games I’ve ever played.
And that’s why that’s my favorite picture in my entire photo album.”
Kaycee Zelkovsky, sophomore psychology major

Kari & Aida

“This is from Pratt After Dark and it’s our favorite picture
because it’s a great memory from a great night with great friends.”
Kari Kyrkjeboe and Aida Enamorado, international studies majors

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