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Let’s Talk About Sex

Photo by Kayla Krause

“Well my boyfriend and I, when we do have the opportunity to have sex, pick at least three new positions to try,” Michelle, a senior at C.W. Post, said. She was part of a group of friends seated in Hillwood during common hour who, in addition to eating, were all looking at a relatively new iPhone application that illustrates different sexual positions. It’s called ‘kalm sutra’ and is a hit with college students.

“I’ve done that position, and that one, and that one, and that one,” Eric, another senior, said as the iPhone was passed to him. Eric and Michelle were willing to talk about sex and the application if I agreed to only use first names. “Actually I’ve done most, if not all of these positions.”

The ‘kalm sutra’ application is one of the 20 applications offered by Apple to enhance sexual play. Other applications include some like the ‘iKamasutra’, virtual sex dice, and sex facts.

In the ‘iKamasutra’ you can click on a position and there will be an illustration and then a ‘catch phrase’ to get your attention. If you click on the ‘catch phrase’ once then it will open up and there will be instructions on how to try the position. It also recommends how you should try it as well as gives you clues on what you need to be aware of. For example, the ‘pump’ position, the clue is “plenty of strength and balance is required of the man to pull it off.”

There is even an application for virtual sex dice. These virtual dice, much like the real dice you can buy at Spencers have a verb on one die and a body part on another. All you have to do is touch the screen and the dice will roll until it stops. You have to do whatever the dice say, for example ‘kiss neck’.

The applications are not just for heterosexuals, either, but for homosexuals as well. There is ‘gay kamasutra’ and ‘gay kama sutra sex positions’. With these applications, Apple has created something for everyone.

Senior Nhya East doesn’t have the ‘kalm sutra’. Instead she has ‘sex facts’ app. The sex facts apps are just that; applications that give you facts about sex. Some of which you might never have known, such as more Americans lose their virginity in June than any other month.

The only requirement that’s needed to attain these downloads, aside from the $.99 that some costs, is to click ‘yes’ when the company asks if the user is over 17 years old. There is no way of confirming whether or not the person is actually over said age.

In the group of friends discussing the ‘kalm sutra’ application, the youngest age that someone lost their virginity was at the age of 15. The others ranged from 17-20. These are not sex crazed, promiscuous young adults either. They are actually pretty average.

The Kaiser Family Foundation states that, “The median age at first intercourse is 16.9 years for boys and 17.4 years for girls.”

“These apps are instructional,” Nhya said. “They aren’t like dirty movies.”

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