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Letter From the Editors

Last updated on Feb 8, 2024

Jillian Mehta (left) and Emma Robinson (right)

Thank you so much for reading our first issue of the semester, and our first issue ever as The Tide! We are excited to have this opportunity to change our name to align with Shark Nation. Our editorial board has worked long hours to present to you this issue, and it is filled with stories that we care deeply about. Our goal, as always, is to inform and entertain our readers with accurate and updated news about LIU and New York.

Along with a new name, The Tide will be printing and publishing issues bi-weekly to create more in-depth and captivating articles for the school community. We also plan on having more opinion pieces in our arts and entertainment and sports sections to better showcase the insight of our staff writers and fellow students. 

We try our best to cover as much as we can in our issues, but it is impossible to cover everything in just our first editorial board issue. Make sure to catch our next issue that will be published on Sept. 29! 

If you would like to join our staff as a writer, please come to our next meeting on Monday at 12:30 in Hillwood (second floor, across from the radio station). Everyone is welcome! 

Please follow our Instagram page @thetideatliu to stay informed about our publications and events. Send us a message if you have any suggestions or feedback! We love to hear from our readers!


Jillian Mehta and Emma Robinson

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