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Letter to the Editor

Dear Samantha and Kayla,

I know it has been a very  frustrating beginning  and I appreciate all of your hard work with organizing the pieces to make it all happen.  You have a lot of support and guidance with Ms. Levin as your faculty advisor.  She has been your biggest ally in making sure we have  rectified some of the deplorable  conditions you were faced with.   I know we need to do some more work in the office and I would appreciate your keeping us on task.

I just read the first issue and you two have done a great job.  The layout is good, the news editor and the opinions editor have presented very clear and balanced  reporting.  Your sports and staff writers have also  represented well our Athletic teams.  I was excited to see the level of organization and the number of staff you have put to work in such a short period of time.

I wish you both a very successful semester and you are off to a great start considering what you were faced with upon accepting your roles.

The new face of the Pioneer is very exciting!

All my best,

-Amy Urquhart

Assistant Provost for Student Affairs

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