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Letter to the Editors

Can the Tennis team play without a court, can the swimmers compete without a pool? The elimination of the track demonstrates yet again that we are not supported or acknowledged for the strides we make throughout our competitive seasons.

According to the September 28th issue of the Pioneer, Dr.Forestell states that “With more than 400 student-athletes, who excel not only on the field but in the classroom, we recognized the need to upgrade some of our athletic facilities.” In response to Dr. Forestell, you are not only upgrading, but in fact eliminating the track in your plans. It is evident that in your “recognition” for modernizing the facility, you are demonstrating that you not only have a lack of respect towards the elite running program at C.W. Post which makes up a portion of the 400 student-athletes that you have mentioned, but a great imbalance of support demonstrated in comparison to other varsity teams.

As a member of the Cross-country team from 2007 through 2010, I have greatly benefited from the track which surrounds Hickox Field. I value the facilities, staff, and services of C.W. Post which has made me so proud to say that I represented the Pioneers. Removing the field is like taking away a piece of history which has once graced Post with its presence. I do not support the new stadium plans. As ?Post-Pioneers? we represent a school of innovators and pacesetters. Before moving forward, we must recall our history. My past includes four years representing the Cross-Country and Track programs which benefit from the track that is expected to be eliminated. I am truly disappointed and contest the proposed stadium.

Thank you!

Erin Lusenskas, ’10

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