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Letter to the Editors

At first, I didn’t want to sound ignorant when writing this. And perhaps, I am. However, this school costs every one of us over 40,000 dollars a year and I believe that someone from our student body should speak up and voice their concerns. In all honesty, I think that this entire strike is complete crap. These professors looked like morons wearing their signs in the pouring rain. And might I add, the signs strongly resemble the same signs that they used to picket years ago. I did some research and found that this happened before in 2003 and they were upset that they were not making enough of a raise. In an economy where thousands of people are getting laid off and taking pay cuts just so they can keep their job, our school provides jobs that actually come with pay increases, yet those pay increases are not enough for these professors. They would rather sit out in the pouring rain and make a mockery out of our student body.


I’m sure that a good majority of parents that send their children to school here have gone through some financial hardships within the last few years. I had to watch my grandmother, who worked as an interior decorator for a builder her entire life, get laid off once the housing market went belly up. Now, she is barely getting by on her Social Security check each month. And these professors who are lucky enough to still even get a raise year after year want to picket out in front of our school because their raise wasn’t enough. Or because their medical benefits got cut. Nearly every business in the United States has cut back on benefits. If you read any bit of the news, you will find that their are numerous municipalities and state governments, including our own, that are in budget deficits due to the amount of money devoted to pensions, healthcare, and other fringe benefits. We are in a double-dip recession, as many have put it, and they should feel lucky that they still have benefits as well as room for more money.


If you are a student, you should feel absolutely ashamed to go to this school right now. As far as I’m concerned, our professors who are supposed to be WANT to teach us have failed us. We are the ones who pay their salaries and they have let us down. Giving them more money means we must pay more money for tuition. I am tired of having tuition raised every year. And many people will say well C.W. Post is a private institution and is run like a business. We, the students, are the shareholders, my friends. Our money should be coming back to us in the form of a dividend, not by making the the CEO’s wallet fatter. The school has done a great job in recent years by using our money to renovate dorm buildings, provide free transportation to local businesses, a Starbucks, and a new gaming lounge, to name a few. That money shouldn’t be going back to the teachers. In my opinion, they get paid enough.


Harvey Kushner, the president of the striking union was quoted in saying that 60,000 dollars wasn’t enough for a person in this region to live off of. I guarantee you offer 60,000 dollars to anyone  that recently graduated from C.W. Post with an Education degree and they take that in a heartbeat. There are tons of people that can live off of that salary even if it is in New York. And on average, full-time professors are said to make between 95,000 and 133,000 dollars a year, and that is for working 10 months because they get summers off. So, why are these people making us look stupid by sitting outside with signs that don’t even say why they are on strike.


If you ask me, I think it’s time we bring in the replacements. I don’t really want to be taught by any of these greedy bastards. Perhaps, we could lower tuition if we could get some teachers here that actually care about the students.


If you want to view the proposal that these morons rejected, it can be found online on the school’s website. The Provost wrote a very nice memo today about the situation and you could see how greedy these people truly are.


If this goes on any further, or tuition gets raised because of this, I am going on strike. Feel free to join me.


Billy Achnitz

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