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Letters to Editors

1. It would be cool if you guys can take pictures ofr random students around campus. I know  I would feel good seeing myself in the paperhave a good feeling to see myself in a paper. It creates some sort of a celeb/student status – . kinda like  make an on campus gossip section. I don’t know, it’s just an idea. The 1st edition was great, like all the rest and near future printed papers. Real professional!
A. Wellington

2. Hi Pioneer staff,
If I could change things I’d have articles based more on world news, not just issues that effect the average frat boy. Many students aren’t aware of activities on campus, so doing articles on those clubs might be a good idea at the beginning of the year. However, more detailed articles on our government and current events would be great. Also, while I feel like it’s important that the arts section be expanded and worked upon, the combination of Loomings and the paper is a poor choice. The magazine was beautiful and the picture quality suffers when artwork is printed on newsprint. There is also even less attention on the arts on campus now that there is no publication. It’s too bad that Loomings is understaffed.
E. Amaral

3. Hello,
I would like to see recaps of professional sports teams in the newspaper. Something about the Jets, Giants, N baseball teams, basketball teams, etc. I think it would be a nice touch to the paper and would grab a bigger audience.
Ps: Tthis is Ppaul from broadcast 25 and I told you I would e-mail you!
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4. I would like to see more movie reviews in the paper!
R. Cassidy
5. To “The Pioneer”,
Hello. Recently I read the first the first issue of The Pioneer and saw the ad in the back about “what you’d like to see”; so here I go! I am a currently enrolled Art student at the C.W. Post campus. I would love to do a comic strip per issue of the newspaper on campus life, commuter life and general college life. I think readers would really enjoy “seeing” this in their campus paper. I plan on making it some-what humorous and personal to the school. Please let me know if this is a possibility and I will send some comic strip ideas. Also, if there is ever any need for illustrations or photographs I would love to get involved with that too. 
Thank you for your time!
P. Stewart
6. Im just worried that maybe im so late to send this email 😀
I like the Pioneer a lot. It gives me a lot of opportunities.
To be honest, I know the Pioneer recently because I am an international students and also I did not pay attention to what is going on to the school hahahaha
however, i had a change to be interviewed during the chuseok story.
It was the first time to be in an article and i was so happy with my friends hahaha and we all laughed at my picture.
As an international student, it is easier to read the Pioneer because it is easy to relate to in comparison to the new york times.
In addition, if the Pioneer will add articles about the International students, a lot of them will pay attention! at least I hope so!

S. Yoo

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