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Letters to Readers

Dear readers,
October is coming to an end and that usually means two things: serious brainstorming for an outstanding Halloween costume, and (brace yourselves) midterm week!  Midterm exams creep up on you faster than the teenager in the Freddy mask at that haunted house you went to last weekend.  They are probably scarier too, not to mention, just a pain in the ass.  We finally get situated in our classes and our professor’s slyly reveal the midterm date, adding that it also counts as 50% of your grade.  No pressure.  Luckily, we are senior Journalism majors and have no written tests.  We are not bragging; we are trying to recruit you.
Anyway, when you find time out of your busy schedules of shopping and studying, take some time to unwind and read the sixth issue of the Pioneer.  This is the annual Homecoming issue and we’ve filled it with a variety of different topics.  One of the most titillating was our one-on-one with Mr. Bob Saget.

Despite his reputation, he was as charming as ever and so tall!  Check it out on pages 10 and 11.  Our review editor also captured Saget at his best during his show Saturday night in the Tilles Center.
Our news section reports on many events here on campus. One of the most exhilarating that happened this past week was Homecoming!  Check out the collage of photos taken during the most anticipated event of the year. There were also a few other events that happened last week, including a Music Recital and Poetry Reading, which two of our writers got to attend and report on.
Also, Loomings is still looking for any review writers, cartoonists, etc. So be sure to email the editor, Mike Natale at  HYPERLINK “” if you are interested!
Like we always say, we love hearing feedback from our readers.  So please, even if you don’t have time to pick up a copy of the newspaper, just log onto our website and check it out.
Good luck on all of your midterms and be sure to look out for next week’s special Halloween issue!

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